Men’s Sexual Health Not Affected by Cycling, New Study Reveals

Cycling and sexual health.

New University of California study states that cycling does not affect sexual health.

A University of California study reveals that men’s sexual health is not affected by intense cycling. Past study showed that professional cyclist might suffer from erectile or urinary dysfunction. The study was published in the Journal of Urology.

No Link Between Cycling and Sexual Dysfunction

A team of medical researchers from the University California recently discovered that there’s no connection between performance cycling and sexual health. Moreover, the study also revealed that professional cyclists are no more prone to urinary or erectile dysfunction compared to swimmers and runners.

Prior studies have assessed that due to pressure on the genitals, professional cyclists are more likely to be diagnosed with sexual or urinary infections. However, the new University of California study seems to have dispelled any reasons for concern.

For the purpose of this clinical study, the researchers asked approximately 4,000 professional athletes to participate, including 789 runners, 539 swimmers, and 2774 cyclists.

The participants were divided into two smaller groups – high-intensity cyclists and low-intensity cyclists. Obviously, the professional cyclist befalls under the first study group, while the swimmer and runners in the later one.

The test results showed not only that there’s no discernable connection between sexual health and cycling but also that professional cyclists aren’t more prone to urinary infections and sexual dysfunction than swimmers and runners.

Some of the individuals had indeed increased the risk of urethral strictures, but that did not have any impact on their sexual performance.


The University of California study also uncovered a most surprising fact – professional or high-intensity cyclists had a better sexual performance and increased overall drive compared to other athletes.

The study was recently published in the Journal of Urology, and it might put at ease many individuals who were thinking about taking up cycling.

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